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Faberlic, established in 1997, is among the world’s largest direct selling companies that manufacture patented oxygen skin care products (Aquaftem®, Novaftem® Oxygen Complex) that deliver oxygen right down to the skin’s deepest layers.

Apart from skin and haircare products, Faberlic’s range features functional nutrition, dietary supplements, makeup, home and health products, clothing, lingerie, accessories and footwear.

In 2003, the Company emerged onto the international market, and now Faberlic operates in over 20 countries worldwide with 8 million consumers using Faberlic products every day.

about faberlic
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Faberlic has its own Center for Research and Development (CRD) that develops new product formulas, brings them into production, and carries out research work with the world’s leading laboratories. The company holds 32 patents, including international ones.

The company stands among the top 100 global beauty companies according to WWD. In 2019, Direct Selling News put Faberlic at 33rd place in the world’s top revenue-generating direct selling companies list.

Faberlic owns a 45,000 m² state-of-the-art production facility in Moscow and it is here that the company’s unique oxygen cosmetics for skin and hair are made, along with its range of homecare products.

Based on European quality standards, Faberlic’s manufacturing base is fitted out with the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment for the automated production, dispensing and packaging of the cosmetics. Its potential capacity level and vast production areas put the factory firmly in the list of Eastern Europe’s largest cosmetics enterprises.

Production complies with ISO, GMP and halal international quality and safety standards. Observance of the GMP rules enables the manufacturing process to be standardized and achieve a high quality of products, and is vital for the release of products onto the international market.

2018 production volume amounted to 155.5 million units with 21% of the production (by quantity) was for export. Global revenue totaled $463 mln in 2018.

Since 2017, production has been undergoing continued and intense modernization. A new full-cycle of production lines has come into operation, enabling the creation of finished products. The ingredients are mixed, bottled, labeled and placed into corrugated cardboard packaging all on-site.

The production capacity of the new lines is 80 units of finished products per minute. This is three times that of the lines of the previous generation.

2018 saw the launch of 11 new production lines.

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