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Dream Therapy Relax Sleep Mist

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Weight: 100 gr, Volume: 100 ml

Let your sleep be beautiful! The gift you can make to your skin is healthy sleep with theDream Therapy cosmetics. Dream Therapy technology, based on melatonin and a unique aromatic composition, improves sleep quality, promotes skin regeneration, and helps you wake up feeling rested.

Relax Sleep Mist - for quick sleep onset, sweet dreams and cheerful awakening.

  • Aromatic composition creates a comfortable atmosphere, wraps in a magic scent and helps relax.
  • Contains incapsulated melatonin. Encapsulation technology helps melatonin penetrate deep into the skin. It neutralizes free radicals and offsets the damage received during the day, restores firmness, and helps maintain skin tone and suppleness.

Dreamscentz technology was developed for 7 years and tested in England. Has a relaxing effect. Helps fall asleep, improves sleep quality and promotes cheerful awakening.

Best before: 18 months from the production date on the package.

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