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Weight: 400 gr

Concentrated Phosphate-Free Pills are effective and convenient.

They are recommended for washing saucepans, frying pans, baking sheets and cutlery including silver that can be washed in the dishwashing machine*.

  • One pill replaces all dishwasig products including salt and a rinser;
  • Effectively remove dried soils and caking;
  • Fight off stains and tea, coffee, lipstick traces;
  • Remove residual odours;
  • Make dishes shine;
  • Don't leave any splotches;
  • Prevent fogging of glassware;
  • Recommended for keeping the initial shine;
  • of cutlery and stainless steel dishes;
  • Protect a dishwashing machine from limescale and rust;
  • Don't contain phosphates, colourants, flavourants, preservatives;
  • 20 pills x 20 g

Mineral salts (sodium citrate, sodium metasilicate, baking soda) bind hardness salts, soften water, provide for dry dishes without stains and splotches.

The mineral compound with active oxygen (sodium percarbonate) removes various stains including tea and coffee plaque from dishes.

The organic acid (citric acid) prevents lime scale in a dishwashing machine
Carbonate (soda ash) creates the ideal environment for removal of greasy soils.

The organic amine (the bleaching activator) activates the effect of the oxygen bleacher at low washing temperatures and enhances the effect at high ones.

The organic salt (etidronic acid sodium salt) prevents corrosion of a dishwashing machine and metal items.

Organic polymers (polycarboxilates) provide for better removal of soils and prevent them from settling down back on the surface of dishes.

Natural enzymes (amylase and protease enzymes) quickly split up difficult protein and starch soils and help to easily remove them.

Shelf life 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

*Do not use for washing gold, cupronickel, delicate porcelain, crystal items, brass, aluminium, copper, cast iron, wooden, horn dishes, old or glued dishes, as well as the dishes and cutlery without the symbol of washing in a dishwasher machine.
Do not put into the cutlery compartment. Protect in a tightly closed package, apart from food. Rinse off if in contact with hands. Causes irritation when in contact with eyes. Carefully wash hands after the work. If they come into contact with eyes: carefully rinse with water for few minutes. Remove contact lenses if you use them and it is easy to do. Continue rinsing your eyes.

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