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FABERLIC HOME Cleansing Spray for Acryl, Baths and Shower Stalls

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Weight: 300 gr, Volume: 300 ml

The special formula for both effective and careful cleansing of bathroom surfaces. It is recommended for regular cleansing of bath, shower stalls, sinks, tiles, acrylic, tiled, enamel*, ceramic and plastic surfaces in a bathroom as well as for faucets and taps made of acid-resistant materials. Does not contain abrasive ingredients, does not scratch shiny surfaces.

  • Mild removal of limescale and soap films, rust.
  • Recommended for acrylic surfaces.
  • The hydrophobic film protects against streaks and traces of water drops.
  • The prolonged effect of cleanness and easy further cleansing.


  • Organic acids of the ferment origin effectively and carefully remove the limescale, calcium, and soap debris, rust.
  • The biodegradable complexing agent (methylglycindiacetic acid sodium salt) is a green replacement to phosphates. It effectively binds hardness salts, sustains the activity of cleaning components and enhances the effect of rust removal.
  • The coconut butter-based NAEI effectively soaks surfaces, easily removes grease and general soils, is easily rinsed off.
  • The organic polymer forms the fine waterproof film that protects against streaks and sticking of water hardness salts.
  • The fragrant composition (a fragrance, limonene) gives the fresh citrusy scent.

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufacturing date on the package.

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