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InstaGlammers Purple Shimmering Face Mask

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Weight: 30 gr, Volume: 30 ml

InstaGlammers Purple is a face mask that gives your skin sparkling care and makes you an Instagram star!

How? It's simple! The shiny texture covers your face in an even, gold layer, letting you create unique, attention-grabbing photos and videos.

  • The shimmering pigment reflects light, and is all-natural and eco-friendly: it's polymer-free and won't harm the environment.
  • Max Beauty complex AV in the ingredients deeply moisturizes skin and leaves you feeling fresh.
  • Contains aloe vera, 8 amino acids, and hyaluronic acid for effective skin care.
  • Does not contain alcohol.

Results: your skin shines with beauty and health, and your Instagram content gets thousands of likes!

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